Welcome to Merr-Sonn Technologies

Weaponry is serious business.

It gets so serious that in order to produce cutting-edge armaments, it sometimes takes the joint knowledge of four specialists to deliver the outstanding quality that their customers demand. That is exactly what Merr-Sonn, NeuroSaav Technologies, SoroSuub Munitions and TransGalMeg Industries did. These three companies, who have been building up a solid reputation since the early years of the Galactic Civil War, bundled their forces into the Merr-Sonn Technologies Armaments Conglomerate.

Merr-Sonn Technologies offers the widest range of weaponry and equipment in the galaxy and all of our products match the high standards of the Galaxy’s consumers. It speaks for itself that MST continues to use the appraised "Kill-As-You-Grow" (TM) program, which offers weapons and tools for anyone: from survivalist, via sports hunters through to hard-core mercenaries and professional soldiers.

To ensure our outstanding quality every weapon as well as every other product is tested manually.